The Basics

At the beginning of each game, the host hands out Magma Creams to everyone. You can left click on the Magma Cream to recieve 1-5 Music Discs at random. A player can then right click with a Music Disc in hand to see which Disc corresponds to which class.

The main structure that players spawn at is the Dwarven Shrine. It has lava below for destroying unwanted items and enchanting tables on top for low level enchantments. The Shrine is sacred to dwarves, which is why they protect it. Players now have two days to build their 'Keep' to help protect the Shrine, as well as producing various items. When the second night falls, an event happens that will kill the first dwarf. This can be a spy in the Keep, a Dragon that must be slayed, etc. When a dwarf dies, it becomes a monster whose objective is to kill the remaining dwarves. Monsters spawn, shortly after death, with a gold nugget in hand. When you right click this nugget, you are given Music Discs at random. These Disks work exactly as the Dwarf Class Music Discs work. Select your Monster Class and follow the Netherrack road to begin killing the remaining dwarves. The game ends when all of the dwarfs are dead or when the four Enchanting Tables on top of the Dwarven Shrine are destroyed.

Dwarves v Zombies Tutorial - Updated 4 14 1247:57

Dwarves v Zombies Tutorial - Updated 4 14 12

DvZ tutorial by creator Rob himself. ThePMLTV on

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